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   Books for Children that Enhance Learning




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New to a kids world!




When you get children reading, you open up the world to them. With reading skills comes the ability to learn...anything!
There is an almost magical way to do this, and it isn't learned in school.


                                        My books:

          - Encourage kids to create what they read!

          - Get kids participating in what they are reading.​​                Reward children for participating.


The book that changes everything about children reading, and creating on what they have read, while having fun doing it!

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A new book for                   kids!

   Beedeep and                her world!

Beedeep educates kids about her planet called Zuko. The zoohwee juice is their life source and the beautiful surroundings inhabit the entire planet with wonderful bright colors all around! They communicate through what is called a Belcue. Each zuno has it around their bellies, it is like a belt with the first letter of their name as the communicator.


This is a great kids interactive book, because the kids can do art and learn to answer questions.


Beedeep, has them be creative while they read, so they can be artists and draw and write anything they would like on the pages that Beedeep designates for them! Being creative, drawing and writing what they want.


Points are earned throughout the book and the child (parents can help) adds them up when they are done with the book. There is a Certificate at the back of the book they can put their name on, and the amount of points they earned. After it is all filled out, they can hang it in their room.

Price: $16.22 on

Recommended age 6 and up. Younger children can do it with a parent.

Book #2

            Beedeep's World

            -The Water Life-

Image (24).jpg

Another great adventure with Beedeep, and

Winey (Beedeep's brother) joins her.

In this book, Beedeep and Winey explore the water life. It has Lahams (whales) and seeshes (fish).


This book has more interaction between the child and the zunos, to learn new things and more activities.


The child still gets to draw and create, but also gets to put their name in designated places this time. Beedeep and Winey can say their name in the book, so it is an even more individual experience for the child!

Price: $16.77

Recommended age 6 and up. Younger children can do it with a parent.

I love Art and Learning! With these Kids Interactive books, children can have fun while they read and interact with Beedeep!


                                                        All images and writings are Victoria Falslev copyright           


                                                                                                Sandy, Utah


                                                                                               United States

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