Able Buttons script

I wrote the script, "Able Buttons" while I was creating Beedeep's World. I wanted to expand on the characters as well as the other planet and characters in the Vestri Galaxy. 

This is written to be a kids animated feature film. It gives information to kids while they are watching it, how to become more able as well as enjoy the life around them!

I LOVE this script and I LOVE all the characters I created! They are very much a part of me and I want to share it with everyone!



Beedeep,Winey, Jaisha and Jayweep are four little blue aliens called, Zunos from planet Zuko. The zunos set off on a journey to discover how to be more able. Their parents told them they will stumble upon adversary from the Canders, that are from planet Camtor, and what they need to do on their own to offset their force. 


Meanwhile on planet Camtor, Jemfax (Ruler of the Carbad Menceries; the Vestri galaxy government) has seen a power source descend onto planet Zuko. Jemfax is always searching for more and more power, to be in supremacy of the entire galaxy.


He sends three canders -Daytor, Syder and Macent- to locate the source of power on planet Zuko, and while they are there, they have a necessity to make the zunos miserable. When these unpleasant canders arrive, they are on a mission to be in command of the zunos' minds. The canders will experiment all kinds of unusual ways to distress the zunos and make them ill and harm themselves; this is when the zunos seek out the, “Able Buttons.”


These buttons provide power to assist the zunos to be more able, so they can be capable of managing the canders when they believe they cannot. After awhile the zunos understand they do not need the buttons, because they have their powerful minds.


“Able Buttons” is a delightful children’s animated story that the smallest of children, and the kid in adults will surely learn from and smile at; simultaneously. Not only is this enlightening, but the wit you meet up with, makes it that much more desirable! The characters are absolutely lovable and extraordinarily individual. A journey that is so much fun and inspiring, you couldn’t help but be charmed after seeing it!


This is the castle where Jemfax and the          canders live on planet Camtor

All images and writings are Victoria Falslev copyright.

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