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In the, “Pollywog Burbs” twelve year old Jerney, her cute little dog Smokey, and her best friend Johnny, continually look for thrills and pleasure in the swampy marsh land near Jarway Lake.


Curious about the world outside their swampy burb, and living with conservative parents, Jerney and Johnny continuously explore ways to accumulate hard cash, so that one day, they will be able to go out into the big wonderful world!


Taking odd jobs, (like feeding Mrs. Jones’ farm animals) Jerney asked Johnny if he would like to come along for the day. Well, Johnny didn’t realize what he was in for. Jerney has taken care of the farm before, but not Johnny.


They meet Junior; Mrs. Jones’ boy and boy oh boy, is he strange! Well, that doesn’t really matter because Mrs. Jones is the weirdest, but it is a way to make them some money, so they both are willing to put up with the weirdoes!


Trouble starts immediately. Johnny gets beaten by a rake, scared breathless by a black widow spider and attacked and clawed by a psycho freak rooster, and Jerney almost got trampled to death by Mrs. Jones when she was trying to give Jerney her money for the day!


The adventure is over for now; their young bodies are worn out, but what a great day! That was funny stuff and they are eager to experience a new day!  


Tomorrow is another quest to find out what thrilling events await them.

This is made to be a TV series for kids.


Jerney and Johnny


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Pollywog Burbs - The Journey Continues script

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