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"Indy and her friend sat and did the book last night and she thanked me 1000 times for getting it for her!"

Alisha- Utah 


"Hi Victoria, I just want to say thank you for the book, my son loves it!!!!!!!"

Maria- Utah                 


"She loves them!! She immediately pulled them out and had her brother read them to her!" "She listened to the CD, she liked it a lot and danced to it."

Cheri- Washington

"My kids loved the Beedeep's world series by Victoria Falslev.  They are especially fun because they are interactive and allow kids to imagine what different characters and surroundings would look like and allow them to be creative and be immersed in a new world and not just follow the story on the page.  My six-year-old especially loved the CD and The Water Life book.  I would definitely recommend getting the whole set and the CD."  

Zach- Utah



"The kids really enjoy how interactive the books are. They enjoyed being able to use their imagination to answer all the fun questions and create their own drawings. It is very creative and they love the characters." 

Allen- Utah

From Aaradhya

        in India 

Amazon review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Adorable!

Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2021

"Interactive! Great for the discerning parent - those who want entertainment without screens!
Each page has questions & gets the child to interact and be involved. Never saw such a thing!
The illustrations are colorful and creative. She came up with new names for all sorts of things!
Really a good choice for the parent who cares..".

Jean- California


"We did read the books, Steph loved them!! They are very cute and fun!" "My younger grand daughter loves to read them with me, she's just a little too young to do some of the activities."

Stephanie- Utah

"Allie enjoyed how the Beedeep books made her use her imagination, which is her favorite thing to do! The questions after different parts of the story made her stop and absorb what she was reading about and she enjoyed the pretty art and colors in the book and the way it encouraged her to make her own art. Thanks for the books!"

Luke- Utah

"Hi Victoria! The books are fun! Love that they have an interactive component to them instead of just reading or coloring, the kids can write too. It's a fun format!"

Celeste talking about what the kids thought:

"Sam my 10 year old, really liked the drawings and the colors and thought the other planet sounded cool."

"Lucas, my 8 year old, said he really liked the spaceship."

Celeste: "I think it was a little advanced for Eden, our 6 year old, but she loved coloring the certificate at the end."

"All of them had to think for a bit about how the points worked, but they got it eventually."

Celeste- Utah

"My daughter was excited to get the books and loved the interactive aspect of them. She is still working on completing them, but I know they will be good fun for her!"

Alynie- Utah