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The Beginnings of Beedeep!

In 1999 I completed a course in Los Angeles called: "The Key to Life." It educates you on the New Grammar, How to Use a Dictionary, defining small common words like: and, as, if, but, was, were, and learning that adverbs and adjectives are modifiers. This course helped me a lot! I was always an artist, but not a writer, but after I completed this course, I was able to write.

While on the course, it required that I write a short story about anything. I always had an image in my head of an alien outside a spaceship, so I wrote about it, and that is what the story was called, "The Alien Outside the Spaceship."

I moved back to Utah shortly after that, because it was just way too expensive to stay living in LA, and the job I had, ran out of work...I worked in construction. It was pretty grim to the point we had to leave half of what we owned by the trash can in the apartment complex we lived in, because we couldn't afford a big enough moving van to carry all that we had.

Thank goodness my sister that lived in Utah, let us live with her till we got back on our feet.

While I was living at her house, I started writing an interactive book focusing on the alien. I spent a lot of time working on it and rearranging it and finally came up with the name Bedeep. Notice the spelling,  I spelled it like that at first, but people were saying it wrong, so I put two E's together for the E sound. You can see in the picture when I changed the spelling.

I used to watch "Buck Rogers" on TV when I was younger, it had a robot on the show and the robot would go around saying, "bedebedebede" really fast, and I always liked that little robot, and so the name came to be, Beedeep!

I was writing it for the kids to draw what they just read and I described the planet and the surroundings and created their food and what they drink. In the descriptions of all these things, I put the exact crayon colors that I used to color them with.

Let me go back a little bit. I described in writing all the things on planet Zuko, and I was trying to hire someone to draw what I just wrote. I found a mural artists at a place I was working at, and let him see what I was trying to do. He took my stuff and was trying to undo everything about it and was giving me ideas that he thought I should other words, he was trying to change it to what he liked and wanted, so I got rid of him.

I was struggling with this and then I realized, "I have to draw what I just read, and if I can't, then how can I expect a child to draw what they just read?" Made sense to me!! So, I forced myself in my bedroom for about a week and just drew and drew and drew, what I just wrote, and I tell you, I am so, so glad I forced myself to do that. I am an artist, so why would I hire someone to do what I can do?




Bedeep was created 4 August 1999. The colors on there are the ones I was playing with, on what to color him. Bedeep started as a boy, but I thought, I am the one created it, so I want it to be a girl.


This is the second Beedeep I drew. She is purple like the first one. I usually see purple aliens, but I like blue, so that is why the zunos are blue, because blue is my favorite color!

The tongue hanging out was something I would draw when I was younger. I knew a bunch of people that drew smiley faces with the tongue hanging out, I don't know why, I just did it.


This is one of my drawings with the tongue hanging out.


I started out writing by hand what I wanted in the book and worked my way onto the computer.

                                        It took a lot of tweaking to get the lay out how I wanted it. 

After I got the writing, I started making up the names of everything.  I would put two vegetable names together to come up with the names for the dicreans, and two fruit names together for the bearnaps. While I was doing this, I decided to describe how they looked and what colors they were, by using the 96 count box of crayons. This took a long time as you can imagine, but when it came time for me to draw what I wrote, I had all the colors and shapes to guide me.


More to come...

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